Yoshida Kikaku Co.,Ltd.

About Us

Our Vision

As evident in our name ‘Kikaku’, our services are built on Planning.

It involves all sorts of planning – creating strategies, opportunities, relationships…
and most importantly, the implementation of the planning.

We started our career in the fashion business.

There, we were involved in various aspects of the business
from branding and concept making as well as advertising, PR,
media relation, event planning, and sales promotion.
We were also required to communicate with overseas headquarters and global partners.
Through these various opportunities,
we developed skills and expertise, which became our most valuable assets,
and successfully applied them for our clients from other fields.

All these processes, from planning to implementation,
indeed require “Communication”.

Whether with the clients in and out of the country,
with parties involved and with the consumer,
our expertise is the communication.

Connecting. Creating. Communicating.

We invite you to work with us for creating new business opportunities in communication.

Service of Yoshida kikaku