Yoshida Kikaku Co.,Ltd.


Communication/Media Consultancy and Relation

We offer services tailored to our clients‘ respective needs providing consultancy and proposing plans for the comprehensive PR activities targeting the specific marketing objectives, issues, terms and budget for each client.

  • ●Advertising
    • Developing strategic media plans
    • Advertorial plans to communicate philosophies/products
  • ●Media Relation
    • Establishing media network (publishers, newspaper companies, TV, web etc.)
    • Supporting clients to communicate with key journalists and editors including one-on-one meeting with targeted media
    • Supervising and distributing press releases to media by posting and e-mailing
  • ●Editorial
    • Acquiring editorial coverage
    • Screening and assisting with the press sample leasing
    • Press clippings and reporting the ad values of the media coverage
  • ●Press Events
    • Organizing and coordinating press events for launching, press conferences, press tours and etc.

Events - Planning, Production and Supervising

We organize both PR and retail events from venue selection & planning, production, supervising and operating at a cost that fits client’s budget.

Creative Production

We take charge of planning and production of materials such as catalogues, invitations, sales promotion tools, advertising visuals, promotion videos ensuring the quality control over all projects as a part of brand building services.

Global PR Network

We leverage our global PR network for :
dressing celebrities/ media contacts / coverage of events/ organizing PR events outside Japan.

Media production

As a PR and planning company, we have long been involved in developing communication strategies for different brands and products.
With the recent changes of environment surrounding the media, we are extending our services to create and operate digital media on our own to provide information, leveraging the content production network we have cultivated. Celebrities & Jewelry is the first of its kind.
We felt there was a need for digital media to provide the reader with an opportunity to touch the brands, creating a longing for luxury brands which traditionally print fashion media have served the role, and in December 2015, we launched the website Celebrities & Jewelry focusing on fine jewelry and celebrities edited with interesting perspective and beautiful visuals.
With the appointment of editorial director, Mami Sekiya, who has an exceptional creative expertise in both fashion and jewelry, the site offers stories on brands, featuring photos of fine jewelries worn by celebrities at an international award ceremonies, red carpets and parties.